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本次网络研讨会将讨论 关心刺激法案更新 与克里斯·伯德,CRS,戴尔·卡尔顿,Jr., CRS.

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All pivots in business begin with a pause – the time to create differentiation 和 to separate yourself from the rest; the time to reflect, 重新评估, 和改造. Join Adorna as she shows you how to use this time to position your business to reach the next level.

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学习四个关键的策略,将使每个代理, 代理, 和 team leader in a position to take advantage of the ‘bounce’ that will happen as COVID-19 subsides including:

  • 良好地执行基础知识
  • 保持良好的身心健康
  • 成为虚拟房地产的大师
  • 成为黑暗中的一束光

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“坚果 & 螺栓的

耶利米亚JMan Maneiro
Join us for an in-depth tutorial about all of the different ways that you can conduct virtual showings 和 still be in compliance with ESD guidelines. If you’re not a “techie” or are new to video, this webinar is made for you! We will deconstruct the virtual showing 和 will re-create every scenario in which a home can be shown 和 provide you with all of the solutions in a simple 和 easy to underst和 way.

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来自Boom Team播客的Terry Waggoner

  • 每天培养一种不可阻挡的心态.
  • 使用最好的虚拟解决方案,并以创造性的方式将其最大化.
  • Build habits 和 routines to impact your business after the quarantine is over.
  • 在这段时间明智地管理财务.
  • 确定你现在应该关注的活动.
  • 制定一个未来30天的行动计划.

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探索如何在这种充满情绪挑战的时刻保持积极. 对新宝2网址大多数人来说, managing the rapid change that is taking place daily in this business, 新宝2网址的国家, 和 our world feels a lot like building a plane while we’re flying it! That’s scary for almost anyone but knowing that every adversity comes with an equal or greater opportunity, 带来了希望. 在这个会话, you’ll learn how to quiet the noise 和 distraction 和 leverage smart tools 和 creative solutions for turning breakdowns into breakthroughs.

如果你需要点幽默的话, 同情, 动机, 还有一些可靠的技巧——不要错过这个研讨会的任何一刻!

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耶利米亚JMan Maneiro
This is an in-depth tutorial about how to host online meetings or events with current or prospective clients, 如何营销他们, 如何使用聊天机器人提供即时资源, 和更多的. You may be new to recording video or living in a virtual world but that doesn’t mean that you have to look like an amateur. JMan will teach you what you need to know in order to look 和 sound your best in order to exceed clients’ expectations 和 look like a PRO. 您将探索Zoom教程, Restream.io 和 相信.TV as well as get a list of the programs, apps, 和 equipment you can use to get the job done.

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We’re definitely in a unique period 和 it seems like the entire world is upside down. If you’re feeling stuck 和 need inspiration 和 direction in these challenging times, fasten your seat belt 和 get ready for a firehose of ideas in this fast-paced, 由一位国际培训师主持充满活力的网络研讨会, Ifoma皮埃尔. 本次演讲的要点包括:

  • A strategy for exploding your 脸谱网 Business page 和 getting as many as 5,000 likes overnight.
  • How to create informative videos daily without worrying about what to say.
  • How to conduct a seller webinar to build a list of ready-to-sell homeowners.

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一切都在以光速变化, 和 you might be struggling to adapt your mindset 和 skillsets fast enough to keep up. With humor, heart, 和 a healthy dose of a how-to tip, you’ll learn what you need to do now to:

  • 以更少的恐惧和压力来适应变化.
  • 在混乱的外部环境中保持专注和敏捷.
  • 向买家解释为什么现在是购买房地产的最佳时机.

你还会学到 你现在应该做的五件事来创造生意 in the next 30 days 和 the best tools, apps, 和 strategies to adapt to a virtual world. If you’re ready to jump in with both feet 和 tackle the new tools to thrive, 这个环节一分钟都不要错过.

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This one-hour live webinar will lay out the definitive concepts that agents will need to discuss with seller 和 buyer clients before you engage the market. Informed consent with sellers 和 reasonable expectations for buyers are part of the process, 和 there are firm guidelines for everyone if you know where to look. 离开课堂时,你会知道如何与客户一起计划, 特别是随着新挑战市场的发展.

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新宝2网址邀请你和全国发言人肖恩·卡彭特一起玩, fast-paced discussion about the current real estate l和scape 和 learn some simple systems to keep in touch with your clients, 的势力范围, 和 database during the Corona Virus P和emic 和 help make sure you can implement Operation R-E-A-C-H 0-U-T in your local communities. 肖恩会提醒你如何建立人际关系, 解决问题, 和 having a bit of fun…even if you’re being forced to do it virtually.

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主持人:Ellen Boyle
Attendees will learn how to create 和 manage a profitable farm over the next 12 months 和 thereafter. 他们会学到一些技巧, 技巧, 和 scripts to plant seeds for an abundant crop of clients 和 referrals. Learn the easy way to use these techniques that will grow their business 和 better their life.

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由Coni Meyers呈现
How to keep yourself 和 your clients safe as your real estate business reopens (during 和 post-p和emic) 和 how to communicate your concern for health 和 safety to your potential clients.

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制定计划-执行计划-紧急情况 工具包 和计划形式


由Shay Hata提供
想在一年内把生意翻一番? I’ll show you how in 4 years as a new agent I went from $130K in sales my first year to $7M my second year, $15M my third year 和 $25M my 4th year in a br和 new city where I didn’t know a single person – without cold calling or working expired listings. If I can do it, so can you 和 this class will teach you exactly how.

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由Jared James主持
Winning a silver medal in most sports is an honor but taking 2nd place in real estate gets you nothing. 不幸的是, many agents 和 代理s are relying on tactics from 20 years ago to win listings today 和 their potential sellers see right through it. Jared will break down the exact phrases 和 strategies to use to get your potential sellers off the fence 和 working with you.

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